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ACRA Activities
Activities have been added for several of the modules:  Action-Consequence-Reflect-Assess Activities (ACRA).  These activities are a natural consequence of the constructivist philosophy that is the foundation of the Right Stuff materials. ACRA activities are designed to require the student to take MATHEMATICAL ACTIONS on mathematical objects and determine the consequences of those actions.  Good students then REFLECT on what has happened making learning deeper and more meaningful. Good teachers then assess the degree to which the student has been able to learn concepts that can be then applied to new scenarios.  Your feedback is welcomed.


ACRA activities to accompany:


*     Module 4.6 Proportional Reasoning


*     Module 8.6 Examining the Elimination Phase of a Medication


*     Module 9.6 Geometry and Optimization


*     Module 18.6 Archimedes' Law


*     Module 20.6 Boxes and Cylinders



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