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NEW – ACRA Activities
New activities have been added for several of the modules:  Action-Consequence-Reflect-Assess Activities (ACRA).  These new activities are a natural consequence of the constructivist philosophy that is the foundation of the Right Stuff materials. ACRA activities are designed to require the student to take MATHEMATICAL ACTIONS on mathematical objects and determine the consequences of those actions. Good students will then REFLECT on what has happened making learning deeper and more meaningful. Good teachers will then assess the degree to which the student has been able to learn concepts that can be then applied to new scenarios.  Click here to see the ACRA activities that have been created.  Your feedback is welcomed.


The Right Stuff:  Appropriate Mathematics for All Students was an AMATYC project funded by the National Science Foundation.  The project encouraged the use of materials that engage students in meaningful activities that promote the effective use of technology to support mathematics, further provide students with stronger problem solving and critical thinking skills, and enhance numeracy.  Funds were used to construct, deliver, and evaluate a strand of AMATYC Traveling Workshops to assist faculty who wish to explore best practices for their courses below calculus.


The guiding principles used in designing the materials for the Traveling Workshops are found in the Beyond Crossroads: Implementing Mathematics Standards in the First Two Years of Colleges document and the Mathematical Association of America's CRAFTY document "College Algebra Guidelines" endorsed by the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM).  


Materials used in the Traveling Workshops and then refined are now available from this website.  They are organized by module.  Each module contains a classroom-ready student worksheet as well as a teacher guide. In addition, modules may contain an Excel file, a TNS file (for the TI Nspireä), pictures, and videos.  Each module , #1 through #20, has its own page on which you’ll find a brief description, the teacher guide, and a zipped file containing all the files that comprise that module.  The teacher guide is provided in PDF format.  You may examine it and then decide if you wish to download the zipped file with all the other documents.  There are 20 modules that cover a wide variety of topics and interests.  The Table of Contents, in Module 0, contains a more complete description of each module. 


These modules are free to all for use in classrooms.  However, we do ask that you complete the information sheet prior to downloading and using the modules.  Portal to the Modules  We suggest that you bookmark the URL for the module pages for your personal use, but please do not share it. 


A great many people have contributed to the success of this project.  The investigators wish to thank you all for your input and assistance.


The Right Stuff workshops are still available through AMATYC's Traveling Workshop program.  If you are interested to learn more, contact information follows.


Rob Kimball, Project Director, Co-PI,

Kathy Mowers, Co-PI

Patrick Averbeck, AMATYC Traveling Workshop Coordinator



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